Ms. Jody - It's a Ms. Jody Thang

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Product details

Barcode: 0706393111124
Label: Ecko Records
Release date: 2009-02-24
Units: 1
Duration 45:04
Artist Ms. Jody

Tracks [CD1]

  1. Cheatin' Comes with a Price 03:48
  2. You've Got to Play with It Before You Lay with It 04:43
  3. Ms. Jody's Thang 06:02
  4. You're a Good Man But a Lousy Lover 04:14
  5. The Better the Goods the Higher the Price 04:29
  6. He Takes Me Around the World Without Leaving My Bedroom 04:16
  7. He's Coming in the Backdoor 04:19
  8. Loving You Is Like Doing Hard Time 04:08
  9. Only a Fool Would Cheat on a Good Man Like You 05:04
  10. I Please My Man 04:01