Roy Ayers - Step Into Our Life/Prime Time

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Barcode: 5013929151833
Label: Cherry Red
Release date: 2011-11-28
Units: 1
Artist Roy Ayers

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Tracks [CD1]

  1. Heat of the Beat
  2. For Real
  3. Give It To Me
  4. Ooh Baby
  5. Step In To Our Life
  6. Lovers Should Always Be Together
  7. No Deposit No Return
  8. Take Your Funky Mind To the Disco
  9. Swarte

Tracks [CD2]

  1. You Make Me Feel Like (Rockin' With Ya)
  2. Thank You, Thank You
  3. Weekend Lover
  4. Tell Me What You Want
  5. Can You Dance
  6. It Ain't Your Sign, It's Your Mind
  7. Have Your Way
  8. Million Dollar Baby (Feel So Real)