The Battlefield Band - After Hours


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Barcode: 5018085200128
Label: Temple
Release date: 2005-01-01
Units: 1
Duration 50:34
Artist The Battlefield Band

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Tracks [CD1]

  1. After Hours The Green Gates The Ship In Full Sail
  2. Frideray
  3. Chance As Good As Any Reid's Rant
  4. Anthem
  5. Dear Green Place
  6. Look Across The Water Mrs Garden Of Troup The Keelman Ower
  7. Green Plaid
  8. Mary Cassidy
  9. I Am The Common Man
  10. St Kilda Girl's Lament/St Kilda Wedding March
  11. Lads O' The Fair
  12. Sauchiehall Street Salsa (McHugh's Other Foot)
  13. Boar And The Fox
  14. Battle Of Waterloo Kilcoy's March The Quaker
  15. Snows Of France And Holland
  16. Bad Moon Rising The Rising Moon Reel
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