Various Artists - Dial 3 for Northern Soul


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Barcode: 5060176801325
Label: Outta Sight
Release date: 2010-05-06
Units: 1
Artist Various Artists

Tracks [CD1]

  1. I Wanna Be Free
  2. Funny Style
  3. Queen Of Fools
  4. Double Life
  5. I'll Forgive And Forget
  6. There'll Come A Day
  7. All I Have To Do
  8. I'll Hold You
  9. Chills And Fever
  10. Twenty Four Hour Service
  11. Stop Shovin' Me Around
  12. Just To Keep Up On The Lovin' Side
  13. I Get Carried Away
  14. Old Time Lover
  15. I Wouldn't Change A Thing About You
  16. I've Got To Keep Movin'
  17. Cry Cry Cry
  18. Any Kind Of Love
  19. The Yesterday Of Our Love
  20. Since I Found You
  21. You've Got The Power
  22. I'm A Teardrop
  23. Beating Of A Lonely Heart
  24. Never Will I Make My Baby Cry
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