Adele - 19


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Barcode: 0634904631321
Label: XL
Release date: 2008-11-13
Units: 2
Artist Adele

Tracks [CD1]

  1. Hometown Glory
  2. Tired
  3. My Same
  4. Make You Feel My Love
  5. Right As Rain
  6. First Love
  7. Melt My Heart To Stone
  8. Crazy For You
  9. Cold Shoulder
  10. Chasing Pavements
  11. Best For Last
  12. Daydreamer

Tracks [CD2]

  1. 10 Minute North American Us Tour Video
  2. Many Shades of Black [Performed By the Raconteurs and Adele]
  3. Hometown Glory [Live At Hotel Cafe]
  4. Daydreamer [Live At Hotel Cafe]
  5. Make You Feel My Love [Live At Hotel Cafe]
  6. My Same [Live At Hotel Cafe]
  7. Right As Rain [Live At Hotel Cafe]
  8. Crazy For You [Live At Hotel Cafe]
  9. That's It, Quit I'm Moving [Live At Hotel Cafe]
  10. Melt My Heart [Live At Hotel Cafe]
  11. Chasing Pavements [Live At Hotel Cafe]
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