Deceitome - Death Is Called Ethos

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Barcode: Deceitome
Label: Self-Released
Release date: 2016-12-20
Units: 1
Artist Deceitome

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Melodically grim, devastatingly heavy and vocally growling bellows, as expected, most importantly the band achieves that strapping, physical, bruising, body blows atmosphere every death metal band of their ilk strives for.
- Metal Reviews

File under: Oldschool death metal
Like Stockholm death metal with Obituary/Asphyx type of vocals.

Tracks [CD0]

  1. Remnant And His Shadow (Intro)
  2. Nil Humanity
  3. Omnicidal Minds
  4. Allegory Of The Dead
  5. Chronos In Oblivion
  6. Atomisery
  7. A Lifeless Cipher
  8. The Void Abides
  9. Messenger From The Abyss