Soul Thrower - The End of Your Days


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Barcode: 4742252002628
Label: Heliaed Records
Release date: 0003-12-12
Units: 1
Duration 44:03
Artist Soul Thrower

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Soul Thrower’s first album (EMA-nominated) is called The End Of Your Days, and was released in 2012 on iTunes, Amazon, and other digital distribution channels. Soul Thrower was also awarded Album Of The Year by Radio Mania, and of all the local Estonian bands, Soul Thrower received the most airplay in 2012. In March 2014, the band followed up with its sophomore album,

From the Heliaed Records label, Soul Thrower is a five-person group formed in 2011 and based in Estonia. Val Tvaor co-writes and plays guitars, and Daner, an American, co-writes and sings. The songs' lyrics are all in English, and the music draws influence from Alice in Chains and Black Label Society, dripping with dark, heavy intensity, and radio-friendly melodies.

released December 5, 2012

Soul Thrower

Daner - vocals
Val Tvoar - guitars, vocals, backing vocals, drums on Corpse Bride, bass, keyboards

Additional musicians:
Jaanus Salm - drums on Massive, Beyond, Land, Dream, Brother
Marko Atso (from Metsatöll) - drums on Raised, The End, Monster
Maik Grüner - drums on Land
Meelis Kasepalu - drums on Promise
Kuri Raivo (from Metsatöll) - bass on Land
John L. Creed III - anchor and cop voice on Monster

Silver Suu - live guitar
J.B. - live bass

Recorded, mixed and mastered @ Sinusoid Studios by Kristo Kotkas
Album design by Maik Grüner
Produced by Val Tvoar

Tracks [CD0]

  1. Raised by the devil 04:45
  2. The end of your days 04:42
  3. Massive 04:42
  4. Monster from inside 05:00
  5. Beyond the wall of tears 04:34
  6. Corpse bride 05:14
  7. Land of dead 03:11
  8. dREamALITY 03:50
  9. The promise 03:31
  10. My brother 04:34

Tracks [CD1]

  1. Raised by the Devil
  2. The End of Your Days
  3. Massive
  4. Monster from Inside
  5. Beyond the Walls of Tears
  6. Corpse Bride
  7. Land of Dead
  8. dREamALITY
  9. The Promise
  10. My Brother
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