Tankist - Unhuman


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Barcode: 4740447600574
Release date: 2017-11-09
Units: 1
Duration 42:36
Artist Tankist

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"Unhuman" by the Estonian Thrash Metal band Tankist consists of nine stabbing tracks that are led by the spirit of old-school, saying fearlessly what's wrong with the modern world, injected with adventurous violence and miserable thoughts. The hundred riff long journey surges along the edge, staying true to the principle: “fucking-fist-in-the-face songs, brutally honest whole".

Ahto-Lembit Lehtmets (Loits): "Eighties Coming Back! Nice nostalgic stuff in one way. On the other hand I'm very happy that Tankist doesn't pick the easy road and doesn't shamelessly put the record together of Slayer's, Sodom's and Kreator's riffs like most of the new wave of thrash bands do. Delightfully technical and in some parts even avant-garde.”

Tracks [CD0]

  1. Just Another Union 04:30
  2. Choose Death 04:03
  3. Miserytomb 04:39
  4. The Plastic Age 04:38
  5. Suffo6ion 04:45
  6. Waste of Bones 04:33
  7. Godspear 04:36
  8. Conveyor Care 04:46
  9. I Know What You Are! 06:06
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